Liquid biopsies in lung cancer: The new ambrosia of researchers

Marta Castiglia, Francesco Passiglia, Riccardo Alessandro, Antonio Russo, Simona Taverna, Renza Vento, Karen Zwaenepoel, Ignacio Gil-Bazo, Marc Peeters, David Hong, Marta Castiglia, Francesco Passiglia, Geert Baggerman, Patrick Pauwels, Anna P. Carreca, Christian Rolfo, Inge Mertens

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In the last decades the approach to cancer patient management has been deeply revolutionized. We are moving from a "one-fits-all" strategy to the "personalized medicine" based on the molecular characterization of the tumor. In this new era it is becoming more and more clear that the monitoring of the disease is fundamental for the success of the treatment, thus there is the need of new biomarker discovery. More precisely in the last years the scientific community has started to use the term "liquid biopsy". A liquid biopsy is a liquid biomarker that can be easily isolated from many body fluids (blood, saliva, urine, ascites, pleural effusion, etc.) and, as well as a tissue biopsy, a representative of the tissue from which it is spread. In this review we will focus our attention on circulating tumor cells, circulating tumor DNA, exosomes and secretomes with the aim to underlie their usefulness and potential application in a clinical setting for lung cancer patient management.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)539-546
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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