L’inventario dei giogali del cavaliere Fra’ Alessio di Ferro (1700-80): alcune considerazioni sull’oreficeria tra Sicilia e Malta

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The article deals with the inventory, in part unpublished, of 1763 of the jewels owned by the knight of Saint John Fra 'Alessio di Ferro, which is located in the State Archives in Trapani. He was an illustrious exponent of one of the most prominent families in the centuries of the city of Trapani linked to the island of Malta. The inventory offers the opportunity to reflect on typologies, materials and styles most in vogue between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the Mediterranean jewellery and, consequently, the inspiration for some transversal reflections concerning the history of the male jewelry, still little explored, among Sicily and Malta.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)142-157
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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