L'intesa della Regione siciliana con l'Unione delle Comunità ebraiche italiane

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[automatically translated] The UNDERSTANDING THE REGION OF SICILY WITH THE UNION OF THE COMMUNITY 'JEWISH ITALIAN ABSTRACT The powers to the regions with the Constitutional Law of 18 October 2001, no. 3, in the field of cultural heritage have stepped up at local level the need for relations between civil and religious authorities to realize that collaboration and at headquarters had been established in the art. 12 of the Lateran Concordat modifications and arrangements made later with some of the non-Catholic denominations. Subsequently implementation of the cartel Concordat of 13 September 1996, several regions, including Sicily, have signed agreements with representatives of the Catholic Church for the Protection, enhancement and enjoyment of cultural heritage present in their territory, bearers of a specific religious interest, owned by organizations and ecclesiastical institutions. Less interest, however, have raised the cultural property belonging to other religions, which in part can be explained taking into account their reduced numerical strength. The agreement signed by the Sicilian Region with UCEI is therefore the first to be implemented with a different sect from the Catholic and as such seems worthy of investigation. It shines through the Regional focus on the preservation and dissemination of the few but significant evidence of an ethnic group that for several centuries has been part of the history of Sicily. More than the content of the text,
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Publication statusPublished - 2006

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