L’influenza dei dettagli di costituzione del terreno sulla stabilità delle fondazioni superficiali

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[automatically translated] The table shows the results of an experimental laboratory research concerning the failure mechanisms and the load limit for vertical forces centered of shallow foundations resting on a sand bench constituted soil containing a thin horizontal layer of low shear strength. The research was conducted by testing of small scale physical model. The results obtained show that, due to the presence of the soft layer, the breaking mechanisms have changed significantly if the depth of this layer is less than a limit depth. The latter depends on the ratio of the shear strength of the corners and the common layer '2 '1 bench. The limit load undergoes significant reductions dependent relationship '2 / '1 and can also be reduced by five times. Inspired by the experimental observations has developed a limit load calculation method based on limit equilibrium considerations. The method gives results in good agreement with those obtained experimentally.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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