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[automatically translated] The island of Pantelleria has been the subject of numerous floristic and phytosociological studies on vascular flora. Regarding the lichens, the few works date back to the last century and the beginning of the current one. The lichen flora of Pantelleria consists of 219 taxa of which 74 are new to the island and a new one for Europe (Bacidia insularis Zahlbr.). Epiphytic species are 89, the epilithic totaled 101, the epigean 26, 3 parasitic. Despite the cultural activities we have produced considerable damage on the island are represented in the surviving woodlands many indicator species of long ecological continuity and Atmospheric purity [Lobaria very wide (Scop.) Forssell, Lobaria lungwort (L.) Hoffm., Strangospora ochrophora (Nyl .) Hafellner, Teloschistes flavicans (Sw.) Norman and Thelenella modest (Nyl.) Nyl.]. Remarkable is the presence of oceanic species and suboceanic especially in cacuminal part of the island [Bacidia laurocerasi (Duby) Zahlbr., Collema furfuraceum (Arnold) Du Rietz, C. nigrescens (Huds.) DC., Graphis scripta (L.) Ach ., Leptogium cyanescens (Rabenh.) Körb., Lobaria pulmonaria, Lobaria virens (With.) JRLaundon, Normandina maiden (Borrer) Nyl., Hypotrachyna laevigata (Sm.) Hale, Parmotrema reticulatum (Taylor) M.Choisy, Sticta limbata ( Sm.) Ach., modest Telenella, Teloschistes chrysophtalmus (L.) Th.Fr., T. flavicans (Sw.) Norman] and a contingent of subtropical affinity [Dimerella lutea (Dicks.) Trevis., Heterodermia leucomelos (L. ) Poelt, Usnea articulated (L.) Hoffm.]. Mediterranean species are present in the coastal part of the island [Caloplaca aetnensis de LesD., Opegrapha lutulenta Nyl., Ramalina Tingitana Nyl., Toninia albilabra (Dufour) H.Olivier, Topelia nimisiana Tretiach & V􀄌zda, T. rosea (servitude) M.Jørg. & V􀄌zda, Waynea stoechadiana (Abassi & Cl.Roux) Cl.Roux & P.Clerc] and, finally, there is also a contingent of species mediterraneoatlantiche (Dirina massiliensis Durieu & Mont., Roccella phycopsis Ach., Thelopsis iliac Stizenb.) . 54 NOT.SOC.LICH.ITAL. 22: 54 (2009) 09 news: liche 29-07-2009 11:41 Page 54
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