L'etichettatura dei prodotti agroalimentari nella percezione della qualità secondo i consumatori.

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[automatically translated] The information on quality certification or chain of production, packaging and sale are, for consumers, important elements for identifying products deemed safe. Such information, if written on the label, are decisive in the purchasing behavior of certain market segments. The aim of this study is to know the extent to which the traceability of food products, revealed to consumers through the labels, it can be considered a representative element of quality and safety, including through the use of innovative tools such as the QR code. two Italian capitals, on the basis of ISTAT subdivision of the country, representing the North and South have been identified (Milan and Palermo). Given the large number of resident population (ISTAT, 2011), It was extracted a sample of consumers (n = 270, p = 95%, ε = 7%) using stratified-proportional sampling design, with random selection of units from each layer. Interviews, telephone, were carried out by questionnaire, containing questions on socio-demographic characteristics of respondents and 20 variables (features and content of labels), which assign a score (1 to 10) based on perceived importance. The data matrix, the Multidimensional Scaling (ALSCAL) was applied, exploratory statistical technique for representing preferences in a small space, based on the "similarity" between objects. The results show eight specific profiles of consumers with different shopping habits of which 4 are more general. These profiles are marked by the placement on the floor of the observed variables, obtained at different (simultaneously) 2 Main dimensions of the resulting application of Multidimensional Scaling. The first size, in function of the quality required (from to extra level basic level), the second as a function of the behavior in the acquisition phase (from to innovative classical). In particular the consumer that combines the need for high-quality products to a more innovative purchasing behavior, research in many other additional information labels such as origin, method of production, beneficial characteristics to the body, the manufacturer's attention to the environment and workers, etc .. The need for this information are answered also in the use of the QR code given the countless amounts of information that can lead. These segments appear those on which the agri-food businesses should aim.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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