L'edilizia scolastica: evoluzione di una tipologia attraverso un secolo di storia

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[automatically translated] The school institution is a relatively recent achievement for our nation. Until the unification of Italy in fact education remained closed to the clergy and private, absolutely free of "places" specific. Only at the end of 1800 it acquired the awareness of the importance of the place where teaching and learning and then you began to design ad hoc buildings. The evolution of the school design, in particular the primary, has seen over the years an increasingly complex intertwining between disciplines, regulations and design solutions, with a particularly significant path through the development of construction techniques, by the buildings in masonry of the end of the nineteenth century to the prefabrication of the 70s, through the "reinforced concrete boom" of the 50s. The bonds represented by the growing body of guidance and standards provided by the Ministry and hygiene pedagogical dictates have often constituted a stimulus to solving techniques and the choice of appropriate materials issues. Finally in the design of a school they are also involved: - The educational theories with their development over the years - The legislation on schools and on school - Town planning for the importance of the location of a school building - socio-cultural themes and policies for the importance with education and culture as part of the life of a people's undisputed interdisciplinary nature of the subject makes it particularly complex, the article intends to address the issue of the construction of the schools from the late 1800s to the years' 70, articulating it in a path through laws, rules and regulations in order to analyze the evolution of the distributive characteristics, constructive and formal of the realized buildings. This will be done with a careful examination of emblematic cases chosen to represent the various analyzed period. It will be essential during the discussion to mention the parallel historical events -politici that have significantly influenced the evolution of the primary school and its buildings.
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Title of host publicationStoria dell'Ingegneria. Atti del 4° Convegno Nazionale
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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