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In observance of the criteria stated in the previous section <<Agricultural naturalistic project and landscape architecture in the recovery of Casa Teresa>> and the studies carried out on the natural and agriculture heritage the intervention consistend on the plaintinf of some Lampedusa's spontaneous shrubs propagated by Lagambiente or by the nursery of the Regional Rural and Territorial Department of the Sicilian Region (formerly Regional Forestry Office Department). The plants that were planted were: Mastic (60), Periploca (36), Juniper (20), Myrtle (24), Olivastro (5), Carob (10), Caper (10). More complex is what has been done for the realization of the orchard. On the basis of investigations carried out as part of a research project of the RDP 2007/2013, Measure 214/2 Action A <<Conservation Public Centres Constitution>> and in the field of the project <<Take the orchard to Lampedusa>> on the Pelagie's fruit's history and diversity, a hundred trees were planted. Some of these have been grafted with old varieties already in the nursery, others will be grafted later. It was decided to plant three rootstock trees for each variety identified according to the diagram shown in the table below.
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Title of host publicationLampedusa, Memoria e storia del Paesaggio
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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