Le patologie oncoematologiche pediatriche

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[automatically translated] In thinking about the contextualization of Pediatric Psychology within this chapter, it was decided to take the perspective that seems relevant today and that leads to not consider malignancies such as chronic diseases. This means thinking about the possibility of healing and not only to survival; in this sense, it means taking the Erice Declaration (Jankovic et al., 2007), with which it is asserted that "the concept of healing of a pediatric cancer refers only to the initial disease, regardless of any risk or presence of disability or side effects of treatment; children who were treated for a tumor can be considered "cured" when they have reached the time when their likelihood of dying is greater than that of their peers. " The development of this healing perspective as well as the sharing of guidelines (Masera et al., 1996; Spinetta et al., 2009) of medical and psychological inspiration, found nell'AIEOP (Italian Association of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology) and psychosocial working group of implementation intentional reference that has guided the work within the different centers of Hematology and Oncology pediatric that belong to the association. The assumption of the healing perspective is essential for pediatric psychology, while being aware of what this perspective is still a social debate topic and emphasized still some doubts even to the same operators,
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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