Le isole minori quali poli di attrazione turistica ed i servizi elicotteristici di linea in Sicilia

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[automatically translated] The continuing need to shorten travel times, which, together with the push affordability of tariffs, strongly characterizes passenger demand, pushes the design of innovative transport systems to achieve effective and efficient performance. The modes of transport they try to meet the need to ensure a prompt and adequate coverage of mobility and, on the other hand, to break down the difficulty of being able to realize dynamic systems, which can be adapted over time to fluctuations in demand. Among the public transport systems that the helicopters do not currently plays a leading role within the complex structure of short-term mobility of passengers and medium-range in our country. Supported by an accessible infrastructure network, rotary wing could represent an important alternative, in terms of performance, the conventional modes of transport, the use of which is more rooted in the territory. The improvement of the safety problems, strongly felt by the public, with the higher standards (obtained through the introduction of modern bi / tri-turbine and the high redundancy control systems) has been following over the last few years by some MoUs enshrined among institutions and the most important names in the helicopter field, which have promoted the integration of this type of transport in the panorama of the transport services for civilian use of our country; in some countries (Hong Kong, Brazil, Finland, France, Greenland, Great Britain, United States, etc. ) This phenomenon already constitutes a competitive reality, mainly because of the coverage of some special market niches, as well as the flexibility to adapt to changes in demand for transport. The purpose of this work, which comes as part of a study wider opportunities of helicopter transportation use of line civili1 purposes, lies in the analysis of the strengths and critical of a scheduled service, built using partially the nodal network of helipads in support of helicopter rescue service, present in Sicily. By this term it means all those activities that indicate the relief sevizio (both medical and civil protection, fire, etc.) through the use of the helicopter as a means of transport.
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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