Le due crisi: crisi del capitalismo e crisi ambientale. Una soluzione sostenibile?

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The two crises which the title refers to are the two sides of a same coin;aiming to provide a more straight reading, the argumentation has beendeveloped in two different parts on this Journal. In Part I we recognize thatthe environmental crisis is generated by the predation and pillage of naturalresources, characteristic of the capitalist mode of production and consumption;even more devastating in its current phase of “hyper-liberalism”. While socialdamages of the economic crisis are dramatically evident to the public opinion– the criticism against the current Economics will be the main focus of PartII – the upsetting consequences of the environmental crisis are struggling tobecome part of public knowledge and awareness of both the individuals and thehuman society. It then becomes necessary to spread the global data of this crisisin its severity: from the land grabbing, even for the freshwater resources, to thespreading of drought, to the degrade of coral reef. And, above all, awarenessabout what has been called the greatest threat of this century, climate change,or rather, the transition already occurred to climatic instability, is still laggingbehind to become common sense. An explicative model of this phenomenonwill be given on the basis of the theory of Stability for dynamical systems; aphenomenon that will last for the coming decades and which, therefore, nolonger can be considered, especially in educational terms, as an emergency.
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Number of pages20
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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