Le competenze delle regioni in materia di sport

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[automatically translated] The first essay intends to capture the buoyancy state of relations between the state and its institutions, on the one hand, and the region and smaller local authorities, on the other hand, in a subject such as sport to which you are not facing many insights doctrinal. But the first objective has necessarily expanded into a broader perspective. If, following the reform of Title V of the Constitution of 2001, l ' "sports law" has become the matter of constitutional significance (art. 117, para 3), was spontaneous groped to verify whether and to what extent the various strands reformers on the subject, who came flowing in the regional Statutes of 'new generation', will be translated into effective legislative, conforming regional action practice and the dynamics of the relationship between this and the action of traditional state structures. With the constitutional reform - this is the central point of the research - it has been granted to the regional legislature the possibility of regulatory intervention and propulsive sports activities marked by homogeneity and completeness criteria. Research has shown that after the constitutional reform in the field of sports activities, the Regions have given impetus to a renewed and comprehensive government action. In particular, it highlights the opening of the latest sports legislation towards a more consistent approach to the sport concept as a 'social service'
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Number of pages28
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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