Le cappelle ventimigliane in epoca medievale: Cefalù e Geraci

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[automatically translated] I Ventimiglia, among the oldest and most influential Sicilian noble families, were owners of an extensive dominion inland from Cefalu, extended to the Madonie mountain range. Even before the founding of the fifteenth-century chapel of St. Anthony annexed to the church of San Francesco in Castelbuono, designed as a family mausoleum, they possessed other places of worship where cherish the memory of the lineage; including the fall of patronage chapel in the cathedral of Cefalu (where Ventimiglia appearing well as patrons of important architectural works), whose existence is documented until the refurbishment followed the Counter-Reformation, as well as the one in the Geraci Castle, dedicated to Sant ' Anna and from the middle of the thirteenth century.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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