[automatically translated] After initial proliferation since the end of the 90s, and the simultaneous acquisition of an increasingly important role in the Italian political system, the matter of independent authorities was marked by a phase of reflection and an attempt at rationalization. At this critical reflection volume has proposed a contribution through empirical analysis of important aspects such as the policy impact, the level of autonomy, the internal organization, the specialized culture, activism and visibility of the vertices, the prestige of Commissioners, communication effectiveness, the degree of attention paid political institutionalization. Chap. 1 traces the establishment and the reform measures related to the various authorities. It is suggested the division into four phases: irrelevance and "double catch"; proliferation; return of party politics; Attempts to "normalization", emerged in both the thirteenth and in the fourteenth legislature. The search strategy was deployed in particular in the deepening of the four fundamental cases: Consob, Antitrust Authority, Authority for Energy, Communications Authority, which are respectively dedicated Chaps. 2, 3, 4, 5. The cap. 6 trace an overview of some important aspects of the AI: the Community dimension; the procedural guarantees (also in turn largely inspired by European standards); the guidelines of the law (which after an initial phase seems on the whole to have taken an attitude of non-interference); the first attempts to apply instruments (long-established in other countries, like the US) to improve the quality of the adopted regulatory decisions. Chap. 7 is linked to the first, treating a fifth phase that could be called the revival. This especially after scandals such as those relating to the Cirio and Parmalat, which has responded, albeit so fluctuating between conflicting hypotheses and late, with the law on the protection of savings. In the presence of these moments of high criticality, is a widespread perception among the public, both the institutional responses have ranged in the sense of strengthening (and rationalization) of the system of independent authorities. The final chapter summarizes the results of the previous, especially with regard to the institutionalization and the worldwide significance of the authorities. They provide some data on the perceived relevance, using as an indicator for news coverage. It is then illustrated and evaluated a comprehensive reform proposal (later not adopted in the legislature when it was proposed).
Original languageItalian
PublisherIl Mulino
ISBN (Print)978-88-15-12472-2
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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