L'architettura dell'Università. Progetti per Palermo

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[automatically translated] From the experience in an architectural design workshop and afterwards thanks to a specific work with some undergraduates, Andrea Sciascia makes an assessment on the potential, to now unexpressed, the university town of Palermo, Parco d'Orléans. In outlining this scenario, the author recovers part of his autobiographical experience of the Faculty of Architecture student from Palermo, when classrooms coincided with the spaces of the former convent of the Martorana in Maqueda street within walking distance of Vigliena square, in the center of Palermo, until the transfer of the headquarters of Architecture in viale delle Scienze, as assistant to Prof. Pasquale Culotta. By overlaying the memories accrued by a student to his teaching activity, Sciascia, thanks to the Laboratory projects and theses, investigates a part of Palermo, in fact, divorced from relationships with adjacent neighborhoods and the particularly significant past relationships with architecture and places. Some of the laboratory projects and the contributions of the thesis - the project of the church dedicated to St. Joseph of Cupertino (Maria Barbera), the new university residences in the vicinity of the Departments Sciences (Philip Baglieri and Ausilia Zito), the alternative proposals for research space Department of Architecture (Maurizio La Grutta and Vito Todaro), the university residences and the pedestrian bridge, above the Pit Garofala (Horace Sciuto) - allow a thorough investigation on that something is missing in the university system to become the heart of an urban reality where the useless fences, typical of the contemporary city,
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationIl Campus come parte di città. Progetti per l'Università di Palermo
Number of pages28
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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