L'alessitimia come disturbo della regolazione affettiva

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Alexithymia is a theoretical construct concerningthe ability to contact our feelingsand the ability to describe them in words. Itis very useful in clinical experience and alsoin empirical research for its operationalizationand applicability possibility. After morethan 40 years from its original definition,with clinical observation of patients defined“psychosomatics” according a classic definition,alexithymia has become one of the mostinvestigated disease in the last decades. Thispaper aims to explore etiopathogenetic hypothesesand contemporaneous prospectivewithin which it is possible to understand therelevance of the construct both in clinical experienceand in empirical research. Furthermore,the paper examines alexithymia assessmentmethods to provide a complete andupdated description of tools now availablefor clinical research. We also wish to underlinethe fundamental limit in a detailed studyon alexithymia: the absence of psychometrictools to assess the disease in developmentalage. This limit is related to the difficulty ofbuilding research tools able to understandthe developmental movement in emotionalprocessing capacity during childhood. However,there are recent preliminary studies onchildren/teens and preteens which pave theway for research in this direction.
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JournalMinerva Psichiatrica
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