L'affidabilità funzionale delle coperture discontinue

Research output: Book/ReportBook


[automatically translated] The book presents the advancement of scientific research MIUR - PRIN 2003 Unit of Palermo: Design methodologies and experimental evaluation of the durability of discontinuous roofing as part of the National research on design methodologies and durability assessment of building components in processes sustainable production: experimental evaluation standard for durability and their corrections using this product under specific conditions of use aimed at planning of maintenance of the buildings coordinated by Prof. PN Maggi. The research is therefore part of the more general framework of the evaluation and the technological quality control of complex products for the construction industry and, specifically, is the durability, prerequisite for the pursuit of quality in construction (ISO 8402, UNI 10838), for the planning and control of resources to be used at different stages of the construction process (design, construction, management, disposal and possible recycling), for achieving a balance between cost and performance expectations. The methodology is developed through the evaluation of the two essential parameters of durability and that is the durability and reliability, with distinct and complementary procedures. The duration is investigated through experimental tests on technical elements samples exposed to "natural agents" and accelerated aging tests in the laboratory. Reliability is instead estimated using a qualitative theoretical method through evaluation of its four components: functional reliability, Executive reliability, inherent reliability, the critical reliability. Through the analysis of the operation of the technical solutions of the class archive model, both at the level metaproject (functional model), both design (object model), it leads to functional models and object of the technical solutions, which some criteria are applied judgment formulated for each of the four components reliability. The estimate of the propensity reliability is expressed in numerical values dimensionless scaling 0 and 1.
Original languageItalian
ISBN (Print)88-7454-016-7
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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