L'action research nei contesti organizzativi. Orientamenti ed esperienze

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[automatically translated] Although over more than seventy years of history has known ups and downs marked by greater or lesser success, the orientation of the action research has proved flexible and adaptable to the needs of the research applied to relevant social and organizational issues. This was possible thanks to a series of reformulations and modulations of the original proposal Lewin, whose general principles seem to still be able to represent a strong core identity and recognizable within a context so strongly marked by the presence of theoretical and epistemological differences and methodological enough to make it preferable to longer speak of action research as a family rather than an approach approaches. In a cultural framework in which action research, however, still suffers, particularly in academia, a non-full consideration, this volume aims affirm and promote the usefulness and the great potential cognitive and transformative relation to the themes and problems of labor contexts, organizations, systems of cohabitation in general. In addition to retrace development of the model, both with reference to the theoretical and methodological dimensions, adequate space is dedicated to the guide to experiences realized by the authors in organizational contexts that provide important services to the community. The reporting activity appears in fact necessary in the practice of action research, and this not only with reference to the fundamental issue of the sharing of results and the exchange of information with all parties involved,
Original languageItalian
Number of pages224
ISBN (Print)978-88-204-5548-4
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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