L’acarofauna utile (Parasitiformes,Phytoseiidae) associata alle specieforestali del sito Natura 2000“Bosco di S. Adriano”

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[automatically translated] Within the acarofauna present in ecosystems, the Phytoseiidae family has a relevant role as it includes species Considered as the most important biocontrol agents of phytophagous mites. Their specific composition in various habitats is influenced by factors Numerous Both biotics and abiotics, while the number of species Increases if the complexity of the ecosystem Increases. In order to know the specific composition of phytoseiid mites in two natural habitats and to check possible changes in a near future, a survey of phytoseiid mites was any carried out in a Natura 2000 location S. Adriano woods (Sicily). This research was done ManagMED Within the project "Integrated development and management of Natura 2000 protected areas through innovative techniques in East Mediterranean" of the INTERREG III B Archimed program. 19 plant species were sampled, Which on 22 phytoseiid species were found in S. Adrianos' woods. The Following species were the most abundant: Kampimodromus aberrans (Oudemans), Kampimodromus langei Wainstein & Arutunjan and Typhlodromus Cryptus Athias-Henriot ,, while the remaining were collected on plants and few sporadically: among them, Typhlodromus Pentelicus Papadoulis & Emmanouel and Typhlodromus kykladiticus Papadoulis & Emmanouel, collected up to now only in Southern Greece, were found in Italy for the first time.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)143-151
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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