Laboratory investigation into the modification effect of paving bitumen with different plastomeric polymers

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The use of polymer/bitumen modified blends in road paving applications has been increasingly advancing from the technological point of view. Plastomeric polymers are known to be amongst the most used in bitumen modification. Therefore, this paper presents the influence and degree of modification of several plastomeric modified bitumen in terms of rheological properties and morphology. Conventional tests such as penetration grade, Ring-and-Ball softening point and storage stability were performed. Rheological properties of the modified blends were characterized in terms of dynamic mechanical analysis via frequency sweep tests using the dynamic shear rheometer (DSR). The morphology of the samples is investigated by means of fluorescent light optic microscopy. New processed and mixed polymers are introduced in the analysis. The results confirm that the fundamental properties and morphology of the modified bitumen are directly dependent on the type of polymer in use. Overall, the polymer-modified bitumen improves the original bitu-men properties: remarkably stable blends were spotted with overall good performing properties. The micro-scope pictures provide useful information on the different type of interaction between the polymers and the bitumen.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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