La volontà e il corpo

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The volume addresses the theme of the role of the individual will in the decisions that concern, in a broad sense, the human body. In particular, the principle of self-determination, as an epiphany of the broader concept of personal dignity, is compared with the provisions on sanitary treatment - also in reference to the anticipated care requirements referred to in L. N. 219/2017 - and with the choices, very complex and dense of social implications, on the end of life. The treatment continues with the examination of the nature and latitude of the consent to the taking of organs and tissues from cadaver, to conclude with the analysis of the role of the will in procreation, in those hypotheses where reproduction follows the application of medical techniques. Each topic is treated through a constant use of the comparative method, in order to compare the solutions that different systems offer to intricate questions, in which it is not easy to separate in a clear way the legal dimension from that emotional.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages224
ISBN (Print)9788892119468
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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Giaimo, G. (2019). La volontà e il corpo. (DIRITTO PRIVATO COMPARATO). Giappichelli.