La violenza indicibile. l'aggressività femminile nelle relazioni interpersonali

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[automatically translated] The expression of violence in family relationships has for some years been the subject of interest in the field of sociology, psychology and law. Theoretical considerations and empirical studies on the subject have given ample space primarily to the exercise of violence by the man leaving the background other types of dysfunctional relationships where violence is perpetrated by the woman instead. The female aggression is, however, far from rare, and if there is a general consensus that men show higher levels of physical aggression than women, it is true that the differences appear to be small and moderate, pointing out that women can also be promoters of aggressive behavior having the intention to hurt or harm someone. The book deals with the female aggression through theoretical and empirical contributions related to its various manifestations and their interpersonal contexts; specifically, the issues of violence against women in the couple relationship (heterosexual and homosexual), the childhood abuse at the hands of the mother are covered, stalking and harassment and bullying female, the representation of the violent woman in film and in the literature. The book is intended for students of the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and psychological techniques and master's degrees in clinical psychology and social psychology, as well as to professional and committed workers, even in the field estimate, as part of helping relationships.
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Number of pages247
ISBN (Print)978-88-204-1141-1
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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