La 'vera philosophia' dei 'sacerdotes iuris'. Sulla raffigurazione ulpianea dei giuristi (D.

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[automatically translated] It is assumed, making the party a series of philosophical and literary tradition, both Greek and Roman sources, that the statement of Ulpiano, that lawyers orient their daily work towards the 'true philosophy' and not towards' simulated philosophia ', must be understood in light of a traditional identification of the first with ethical reflection concerning the virtutes and first justicia, and second with the degeneration of the dialectic, now devoted to sterile sophistry: Ulpiano does claim the nobility of the mission of jurists, represented as engaged in un'interpretatio not already focused on cavillationes and subtleties, but founded on the values of iustitia and bonum et aequum; and what stands in perfect harmony with both the whole constituted by the context ' onset of the Institutiones ulpianee, both with other famous utterances of lawyers such as the definition of juris prudence and the fixing of the three praecepta case. We propose, then, some assumptions about the reasons that could have prompted Ulpiano (on a cultural and / or political propaganda) to emphasize both the above clarification.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)1-109
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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