La vegetazione del litorale di Manfria, presso Gela (Sicilia), area soggetta a vincolo archeologico.

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[automatically translated] The results of a phytosociological investigation about a coastal area of S. Sicily, close to Gela, are presented. The coexistence of several lithological Substrata, as well as the Particular climatic conditions of this area, gives rise to a noteworthy floristic and vegetational biodiversity. As matter of fact, a set of N. African species are here localized, taking part to peculiar vegetation types, sometimes exclusive of this sicilian coast-stretch. The Observed plant communities are Represented by psammophilous associations of Cakiletea maritimae, Ammophiletea and Malcolmietalia, salt-marsh vegetation of Sarcocornietea and Phragmito-Magnocericetea, halophilous rupicolous shrublands of Crithmo-Limonietea and Pegano-Salsoletea, maquis of Oleo-Ceratonion, garigues of Cisto- Micromerietea, grasslands of the Moricandio-Lygeion sparti, subhalophilous ephemeral meadows of Stipo-Bupleuretalia semicompositi and sciaphilous nitrophylous ones of Geranium-Cardaminetalia hirsutae. Therefore, owing to the exceptional floristic and vegetational interest, this area Should be protected as a wildlife reserve, and not only by an archaeological bind, as it happens at present.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)91-107
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 2000

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