"La tutela dell’Unesco per il centro storico"

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[automatically translated] I resume the thread of reasoning emerged in the interview to Peter Carriglio and in the letters of Peter Gabriel Montemagno and Gulotta (13,14 and 16 June) on the exceptional quality of some parts of our old town and the opportunity to request its inclusion among the sites UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is Bellini square, Piazza Pretoria and Quattro Canti. The reasons are conclusive: there are three sites that help define an exemplary and unique identity and the most significant design changes of the historic city. To achieve the objectives mentioned Carriglio I find indispensable though the abusive demolition of the building, never completed, encrusted on the south side of the theater Bellini, a few meters of the Martorana church.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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