La tetra notte della ragione. L'ossessione della sicurezza, l'onda lunga del razzismo e il riemergere del nazifascismo in Europa

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The criminalization of migration, In addition to being functional to maintaining the legal, political and social inequality of immigrants, a prerequisite for the control and exploitation of foreign human mobility in a coherent way for the current structures of the capitalist economy, it is also a way of diverting public attention from all the problems generated by global neoliberalism, and racism becomes at the same time an ideology that legitimizes this discrimination and the valve for venting the social and economic malaise directed towards a new scapegoat, as has happened in the past in the history of Europe. The obsession with security is therefore revealed as the result of a great manipulation by the dominant forces of the world capitalist liberalism which, representing migrants as the enemies of the way of life and well-being of rich countries, allows us to achieve the dual purpose of concealing the dislodyalty induced by neoliberal rule and allowing the dominant to insecurity and enslave the indigenous and foreign workforce.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationRazzismi, insicurezza e criminalità. Riflessioni teoriche e dati empirici
Number of pages34
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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