La storia negli ipertesti. L'edizione digitale del Liber Privilegiorum Sanctae Montis Regalis Ecclesiae

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[automatically translated] The research project, starting with a thorough critical reflection on the uses of information technology in historical context, moving from the fact - equally distant from the most enthusiastic and unconditional acceptances of the dogmatic posters computer-humanistic and avant-garde a priori by certain rebelliousness to verify and measure the potential translation strategies of traditional methods - what remains, even after decades of reflection and debate, the scope medievistico is far from having dealt with the broad spectrum of opportunities historical survey by digital culture. scope of work, therefore, will explore the potential of XML encoding model and applying hypertext structures to a highly formalized diplomatic source, Liber Privilegiorum Ecclesiae Sanctae Montis Regalis, cartulary of the late fifteenth century by the complex history and still - in many respects - unknown, containing 90 documents on the network of political, economic, social costruitasi between one of the largest archdiocese in the Mediterranean and more European political powers in the space of four centuries. It therefore will seek to exploit the possibility of nonlinear own hypertext representation, in order to bring the virtual repositioning of the source within the larger documentary panorama offered from the archive monregalese, in an attempt to illuminate the complex and tortuous relations between Church and power in Sicily; at the same time, it will attempt to make available - through multiple access levels - the individual documents, so that it can be approached through all the sequences potentially configurable by a historian, placing them in large dynamical systems and attaching a statement of support materials (publishing criteria, cronotassi, repertoire of notaries, forms, summaries, bibliographies, chronological and paleographic atlas). It is, in essence, an "open construction site", because the transcription in digital can be modified in the light of any new element that emerged during the necessary research work on the text and on the sources related to it: in virtue of this, the publication will not necessarily be a definitive goal, but the temporary fixation of a result set to be improved, recirculated and also to some extent rewritten by other scholars.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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