La salute organizzativa nei contesti sanitari: Un’esperienza di ricerca-intervento.

Gaetano Venza, Gandolfa Cascio

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[automatically translated] ABSTRACT - From a psychosocial perspective That is intended to produce Both understanding and change, especially involv-ing social actors in the construction of shared meanings, this paper Illustrates the results of the first stages of an action research process focused on organizational health. The study Has Been Carried Out Within an Italian hospital combining Both quantitative and qualitative methods. Specifically, the data were Gathered through the administration of Multidimensional Organizational Health Questionnaire (n = 782) and focus group interviews Whose transcripts were Analyzed with the T-Lab software. The analysis of collected data has allowed us to trace the organizational health profile and to identify its areas of strength and weakness. The only real area of strength Seems to be Represented by the relation-ship between colleagues. Conversely, the hospital employees perceive That dimensions of stress, fatigue, organizational justice, prevention, safety, and comfort are the most critical areas. Finally, al-though critical, the remaining area explored by the questionnaire Does Not Appear to require priority action. Besides the profile of organizational health, the contribution shows different improvement strategies. Between them, for example, training Initiatives and information on psychosocial risks, structural change interventions, individual and group counseling experiences. KEYWORDS: Organs-zational Psychology, Organizational Health, Action Research, Psychosocial Approach, Multidimensional Organizational Health Questionnaire, Focus Group. ABSTRACT - The paper illustrates the results of the first stages of a psychosocial research and intervention on organizational health realized in a "hospital Sicilian farmhouse. The adopted perspective has pri-vilegiato the involvement of social actors in change processes and the shared construction of meanings. In a "triangulation perspective that recognizes the" usefulness of integrating quantitative and qualitative methods, it was administered the Multidimensional Organizational Health Questionnaire (N = 782) and were made the focus groups whose transcripts were analyzed thanks to the T-Lab software . L "data analysis has identified the strengths and weaknesses of the health profile organizes points-tive and possible interventions. KEYWORDS: The Psychology Of Organizations, Organizational Health, Research-Action,
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)40-49
Number of pages84
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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