La "Res Publica" (1931-1933) di Francesco Luigi Ferrari - contributi storici e politico-dottrinali

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[automatically translated] April 12, 1930, from his London exile, Luigi Sturzo wrote the popular young Francesco Luigi Ferrari asking for a quote for a magazine and the names of any contributors. Taking, thus initiating the editorial initiative of the bi-monthly "Res Publica", Revue d'études politiques internationales, written in French, destined to last only seventeen months, but capable of leaving a great lesson in the Democratic People's culture, give voice to intellectuals of different experiences and backgrounds, all united by the opposition to fascism, from condemnation to totalitarian regimes destroyers of freedom. "Res Publica" represented the international instrument to lead the cultural debate on the Western democracies. It invited all Italians and foreign writers to take advantage of his hospitality to study, following the method of liberty, the main political issues. In an effort to Sturzo and Ferrari, "Res Publica" would become the intellectual organ of the International white (popular) and the cultural instrument of those Italians who, once freed from the fascist dictatorship and autocracy of party, would take care to renew the ideas and institutions of their homeland.
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