La questione delle «esplosive palatali» nelle inchieste dell’Atlante Linguistico del Mediterraneo (ALM): l’area italiana centromeridionale

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Among the «Editorial problems» that emerged during the control and organization of the materials coming from the survey campaign of the Atlante Linguistico del Mediterraneo (ALM), Berruto (1971-1973) notes the proliferation and heterogeneity of some graphemic choices made by different field researchers. As they were engaged in a more or less punctual transcription ofthe answers obtained, they had interpreted and solved differently some of the directions provided in the phonetic transcription system that accompanied the Questionnaire. The picture relating to the transcription of some consonants of the palatal sector had emerged as particularly complex, since the graphemes (and the corresponding phones) foreseen in the original system (ALM 1959) were insufficient.Not even the 1971 updates, meant to improve the representation of some phonetic features emerged from the investigations in the operations of Response reviewing, allowed to obtain a clear homogeneous picture regardingthe «plosive palatal» consonants.Starting from the examination of the materials relating to the dialectal varieties of central and southern Italy and through the comparison between the original transcripts and those from the Revision and in consideration of the approaches adopted by each field researcher, we mean to address the «question of the plosive palatals» in order to reach “acceptable” solutions in the attempt to simplify and homogenize the ALM level of phonetic representation, also taking into account the expected conversion/transcoding from the original system into IPA.
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Number of pages31
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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