La pianificazione paesaggistica siciliana dai vincoli ai livelli di tutela

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[automatically translated] It supports the thesis that the landscape planning in Sicily after a moment of innovation and broad cultural, represented by the "Lines of PTPR" Guide (1999), which has set as a goal the overcoming of 'constraint-based approach, is returning back. The landscape plans scope, processed and currently being adopted, are devoid of any design content and are structured on a strict regulatory scheme divided into three "levels of protection", defined mechanistically based on the coincidence of constraints on the same area. The thesis finds arguments in official documents, which define legislative guidelines, and the elaborate plans. Moreover, the particular institutional and administrative Sicilian situation, which separates the urban from the landscape, It poses an extreme dualism that is often manifested in the conflict and which does not allow the building of a focused and related approach between urban and landscape design project. Propose some considerations on the inadequacy of current instruments and a reflection, in perspective, policies and strategies for experimentation for the future and on the advisability of preparing a creative landscape plans and making decisions on land use plans with valued landscapes in an urban setting renovated.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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