La mafia alla sbarra. I processi fascisti a Palermo

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[automatically translated] The neighborhood of Palermo is one of the main places of origin of the Mafia. Already in 1900, the commissioner of Palermo denounced the '' High maffia of Ciaculli ". Since then, for over a century, the gangs of Santa Maria de Jesus and Ciaculli would firmly maintained the criminal power, continuing to "darken" Palermo "the many serious violent crimes." It is in this part of the Conca d'Oro who reigned emblazoned Mafia families, like that of Greek or of goodness, led in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century by Michele Greek, "the pope", and Stefano goodness, "the prince of Villagrazia '. The fascist repression of the twenties struck for some time, these criminal groups, condemning maxi-trials ahead of hundreds of mobsters. The actual scope of the operation Mori turned out, though, less effective than touted by the regime. The processes that gushed remain, however, a valuable source for reconstructing the mafia weaving in its complexity, as it opened a gash on ultrasecolare story of criminal gangs that - with impressive continuity - we find more than a century in the chronicles of the Mafia.
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PublisherGruppo Istituto Poligrafico Europeo Srl
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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