La gestione del vigneto siciliano per la produzione di uva di qualità e la riduzione dei costi.

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[automatically translated] The grape quality level is of fundamental importance for the obtaining of an oenological product quality. Productivity of lives, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, is determined by the interaction between genotype, environment and cultivation techniques Since the plant, the grower should be engaged to carry out crop choices designed to reduce the variability between plants . The vineyard management system should be directed to the reduction of production costs and improving quality. In this sense, the change that is undergoing the setting and management of the back to Sicily is a good thing. Through the different cultivation techniques or different methods of vineyard management system, it also aims to optimize the quantity ratio - quality, trying to achieve the highest production level without affecting the level qualitativo.Tra the objectives that the winemaker must pursue with the management of the vineyard, there is the enhancement and protection of the environment. In conclusion we can say that the Sicilian vineyard was affected by a profound restructuring process but you need on the one hand that this renewal may continue and indeed be developed to define different types of vineyard management systems in relation to the different oenological targets to confer identity , authenticity and originality of the Sicilian wine-producing sector. Protection for the income of the producers will finally be implemented through the involvement in the phases of the production process of all actors in the supply chain
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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