La fotogenia: logiche espressive dell’immagine fotografica

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[automatically translated] What makes an expressive photograph? What special characteristics recognize the photographs? To answer these questions we must emphasize that photography is above all a way of looking at reality, to focus attention on certain details that in the flow of ordinary perception would otherwise miss. The photogenic - the increase aesthetic that an object takes on the photographic representation - becomes the decisive element that can give meaning to photography: a photographed object has different characteristics from those who in reality; They depend directly on the medium's expressive logics that represents it. A subject or object photographed are photogenic because the photographer was able to highlight a particular and significant characteristics that only the photographic representation is capable of showing: have full mastery of photographic technique is to look at reality with photographic eye, be careful of those fleeting details that, if well made in the image, ensure that it is photogenic. The photogenic is characteristic mediated by the photographer to make aesthetically a subject or a photographic object, to emphasize some aspects that would otherwise remain unexpressed. A photograph that we define photogenic must coincide in its completeness truth and beauty: each subject if well photographed it is photogenic, even the ugly object is beautiful (ie photogenic) if well photographed. To test the above facts, it is useful to a concrete example: Edward Weston was inspired by the observation of the forms of the toilet of their home Mexican and makes it the subject of a photograph (excusado, 1925). In the diary of those days Weston reflected on the form and value of (a picture of) a toilet, on the meaning of photographic representation, about the meaning and value that an ordinary object assumes a time that draws the attention of the photographer and captures her look up to become a photograph. The photographer is then able to find out in a known object, by means of a better focusing of the gaze attracted by the shape, that this is visible in another perspective, in a different way and, starting from this, it is capable of representing photographically ,
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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