La Fontana Pretoria di Palermo tra classicismo e manierismo

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[automatically translated] The study examines the Pretoria Square, located at the square of the town hall of Palermo, who grasp its complexity and versatility inside of classicism and mannerism. This fountain, designed initially as garden furniture for Don Luigi di Toledo in Florence, was bought from Palermo Senate in 1573 to 20,000 crowns, amounting to 516,000 Euros. The fountain came, disassembled into 644 pieces, in Palermo in 1574 and in 1576, occupying one of the most important squares of the city and changing from garden furniture in street furniture. The lead author of the fountain was the sculptor Francesco Camillians, who was a pupil of Baccio Bandinelli, Mannerist sculptor classicist. Indeed, statues made by Francesco Camilliani stood inside the Mannerism classicist as can be seen from the use of simple ponderatio. Other significant contributions within the Fontana Pretoria were offered by the sculptor and engineer Camillo Camillians, son of Francis Camillians, and sculptor Michelangelo Naccherino. It is suspected, also, the Pretoria Square through "global" method of art history, or analyzing the materials and techniques, style, iconography and iconology. In addition, the three manuscripts, reinterpretativi the Fontana Pretoria, namely that of Antonio Veneziano, written in the second half of the '500 commissioned by the Senate of Palermo, to Baronio Manfredi and, finally, that of Father Di Benedetto were compared, published in 1709. From the comparison of the manuscripts it reveals a profoundly different view of Pretoria Fontana: in fact, Antonio Veneziano praised the pagan character, charity, and libertarian political fountain while Baronio Manfredi had a less pagan than the first, while still valuing the erotic, the site fountain itself. Finally, Father Di Benedetto offered a reading of exotic-Egyptianising and, in many ways, a Catholic-moralistic.
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Title of host publicationManierismo siciliano. Antonino Ferraro da Giuliana e l'età di Filippo II di Spagna
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Publication statusPublished - 2010

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