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[automatically translated] The book weaves a eulogy of love of man and woman and of family life. Is nourished intuition that this love can become generative in an eminent way: do you love to be, can reveal that to be is to love, so that he can say as a transcendental. An assumption enthusiastic, which the author comes choosing the dry language of phenomenological analysis of intentionality that constitute them, at their various levels of reality and meaning. At the start it is recognized that in the late-modern society there are a couple different forms, each one seems to give rise to a mixed couple; that there is no family, but a real polynesian families. The analysis shows, however, that once the symptomatic aspect is perhaps given the growing affirmation of the single ideal of life: dominance of a Weltanschauung aesthetic, a human type most recently self, at times coveted by all who choose to marry. The overall reflection perspective is the pedagogical anthropology, science boundary between a fundamental pedagogy and philosophy of the person. Will the plan be, of having to be the love and the 'family', marked the beginning-generosity. In each instance, the erotic relationship, the marriage bond and the conjugal covenant - the highest degree, for allowing the entrance of the sacred in the universe - it is every time of a way of being that appears to offer additional possibilities freedom, allows new achievements in the journey of discovery of self and other. Against this backdrop we can understand how the couple's love can become personal existence figure; and in what sense the family community can keep the genealogy of the person. He gives each person a mind, a desire; but above all - when it is defined by the willingness to accept "who always comes from elsewhere" - he opens a clear insight into the logic of the gift, original rhythm of being and existence. It is configured as a whole, the proposed pedagogical anthropology, for which all s'implicano family relationships mutually, different articulations of an identical structure of existence, in the text called relational grateful. It is an anthropology of spousal sign, and intends to see the spousal love and family life as a great happiness operators and meaning; It allows to now "see the sacred settle permanently in the hearts", the prophecy of an unprecedented intimacy humanism.
Original languageItalian
PublisherLa Scuola
Number of pages412
ISBN (Print)978-88-350-3601-2
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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