La dimensione orientativa dell'insegnamento

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[automatically translated] The term orientation has a meaning very wide semantic and furthermore indicates a process that is diversified in form and manner according to the recipients, the subject and areas. L 'orientation that took place in educational centers (schools and vocational training) in favor of pupils differs from' facing orientation to adults that is fully free and responsible for their actions; In fact, unlike adults, the students should be helped to take some difficult decisions about their future while they are still acquiring or consolidating the ability of free moral choice. Given the age of the beneficiaries of guidance interventions, it is believed that the process of education and guidance process in educational centers should go hand in hand supporting the student in the free and responsible formulation of their own personal plan of life. The orientation peculiarities played in educational centers is the fact that "orientandi" students are also "being educated". On this occasion the term guidance is used in the sense of support and guidance to be provided to students to formulate and begin to implement a good life personal project, which also includes the future professional life, choosing the most appropriate training for its full realization .
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