«La Croce di Savoia» e il liberalismo siciliano nel regno di Sardegna. 1850-51”

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[automatically translated] The article "The Cross of Savoy" and the Sicilian liberalism in the Kingdom of Sardinia: 1850-1851 reconstructs the editorial of the daily experience that Francesco Ferrara founded along with Emeric Amari and Vito D'Ondes Reggio in the early years of their exile after failure of the Revolution of '48. The newspaper, which was the voice of liberal Palermo, intervened vigorously in all the major debates of the Piedmont at the beginning of its statutory life and became, even for a short time, the protagonist in the political scene subalpine. The editors are distinguished for their trust in the free market, support the creation of a representative political system, the demand for a broad administrative decentralization and the ideal federalist propaganda. The essay traces, thanks to sources d '
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Publication statusPublished - 2007

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