La città contesa. Bianca di Navarra e la lotta per il governo di Siracusa durante il regno di Ferdinando I di Trastámara.

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[automatically translated] Ferdinand I Trastámara, after being proclaimed king of Aragon in Caspe in June 1412, was invested with the kingdom of Sicily by Pope Benedict III. The new ruler faced the problem of the island regency by sending four ambassadors and confirmation of Navarre White in the role of vicarious. The government of Sicily did not look easy. Since 1409, when Martin I of Aragon, died without heirs, had designated his wife Bianca vicar of the kingdom and lady reginale Room, the island was crossed by violent and incessant struggle between those in favor of the Navarre, and another to it not, led by Bernardo Cabrera master executioner. Over nearly a year Ferdinand, thanks to the work of the vicegerents, managed to capture the White Cabrera and to raise from the interim function. However, he remained open the equally thorny issue of reginale Room, still pertaining to White, but whose cities and lands were repeatedly arisen since aspired to become part of the royal domain. The Navarre was able to bring the rebels to obedience centers by granting chapters and elections. Syracuse, however, the most important of the 'dotario' cities, remained hostile and waged a tough fight and no holds barred: embassy to the court of Barcelona, the armed aggression against the vicar and his officers, boycott of ports and shippers Reginali , all under cover of vicegerents. Bianca is strenuously defended. The king, urged the two contenders to take a stand on the question of Syracuse, and in general the room, took an ambiguous attitude, as more and assured their support for both sides, and always avoided intervene effectively, even in the most critical moments. In 1415, White returned to Navarre to assume the crown of the kingdom. however, formally it was still lady of the House. The matter ended only in 1420, when marrying John Duke of Peñafiel, White lost all rights to the 'dotario', as envisaged by Martino will I.
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Title of host publicationEl Compromiso de Caspe (1412), cambios dinásticos y Constitucionalismo en la Corona de Aragón
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