La Chiesa di fronte alle mafie tra devozione e secolarizzazione

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[automatically translated] For the first time on the plain of Sybaris, on June 21, Pope Francis - not to mention the slippery distinction between excommunication latae sententiae and ferendae sententiae - he said that the mafia "are excommunicated." Over the years several times the Church had dealt with the issue of the excommunication of the mafia without ever reaching that crisp clarity. He had done it in 1944, in 1952 and 1982 expressing through the episcopate Sicilian generic extension to the excommunication mobsters that affects "all manifestations of criminal violence." She was back on the subject in 1994 to reaffirm "the irreconcilable opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ" to "all those who, in any way, deliberately, are part of the Mafia or its member or pose acts of connivance with it." He still had hinted at such irreconcilable opposition in the subsequent official documents of 1996, 2010 and 2012. This time, however, is different. Firstly, because the word "excommunication" appears clearly. Secondly because the excommunication the Pope against the Mafia joins the harsh criticism against "the idols of money, pride of vanity, power and violence."
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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