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[automatically translated] THE BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION IN AID TO THE PUBLIC PROSECUTOR E. CARRA Department of Science and Technology Biological Chemical and Pharmaceutical (STEBICEF), University of Palermo; On Judicial Authority has commissioned an inventory of the contents of drums for cryopreservation of gametes and embryos for genetic analysis of human embryo degenerated and the reconstruction of the path of the gametes of patients undergoing procreation medically assisted (PMA) at 4 centers of reproductive biology (BDR) to highlight any significant irregularities in accordance with current legislation. This is the first commissioned surveys on the national territory they see engaged the forensic biologist at one of the border areas of reproductive medicine. With the pronouncement of the consultation in May 2009 the facility of / 2004 has not changed. You can create embryos only for purposes of procreation and remain prohibitions to their cryopreservation, suppression and selection purposes eugenics. After the census of the content of the cryogenic drums is required that was defined, also, the expected number of eggs and / or embryos cryopreserved: cast by computer programs to clean up all the customers acquired dell'anagrafica tables in Access files in order to get a table individuasse registry that, among the various databases of BDR centers, one corresponding to them and updated to the date of the seizure. They showed discrepancies. Genetic analysis was conducted on human embryo cryopreserved and thawed irreversibly compromised in the development to determine their amenability to married couple specification. By microscopy they were identified some particulates, so that the embryo's presence - inside of the straw - was questioned. Preliminarily, it had made use of animal biological model to evaluate the extent to which the cellular degeneration level it could prevent the recognition, however, could not be excluded that the content of the straw consisted of degenerated oocyte; It demonstrates everything -simple theoretically in line was thwarted by cellular degradation associated to the small DNA content (1 oocyte) representing the experimental condition suitable to the genesis of unstable allelic profiles. The method adopted for the recovery of the contents of the straw has contributed to the success of molecular analysis. The sample analysis of biological cards, medical records, IVF registers, etc .. united computerization of individual findings for the board type (data pick up, women, men, total oocytes, technical, mature oocytes, semen, embryos, oocytes discarded, discarded embryos, frozen eggs, frozen embryos, transferred embryos, doctor, biologist, analysis, notes) allowed the reconstruction of commissioned path highlighting the modus operandi of health in breach of Articles. 13:14 L. nr. 40/2004 cit ..
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