Kjetil FALLAN, Design History. Understanding Theory and Method, Berg, Oxford – New York 2010

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[automatically translated] Design History. Understanding Theory and Method looks at the history of design, a relatively recent phenomenon, which has reached a level of professionalism, organization and institutionalized-tion much less significant in relation to other disciplines (humanities) more consolidated. As an academic discipline, it takes the field mainly in Britain, still considered the cuo-king of design history. Here, since the seventies, many polytechnics and art schools have started courses in History of Design, to assist their own teaching of art and design programs. In 1977 it was founded the Design History Society; and in 1988, he launched the "Journal of Design History": a re-nomata and fundamental publication. The United States also helped move the international debate, with the Design History Forum, founded in 1983 (Design Studies Forum since 2004), the magazine "Design Issues", launched in 1984, and "Design and Culture", the journal of the Design Studies Forum, in 2009. In Italy, there were two important conferences on the history design: "Tradition and Modernity: design 1918/1940" (1987) and "design: History and Historiography" (1991); while the Italian Association of Historical Design was established in 2009.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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