Kinetic parameter determination in monoculture and monosubstrate biological reactors

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The kinetic parameters of a biological reactor, operating under monoculture and monosubstrate conditions, have been determined. Pure cultures of Nocardia corallina and Pseudomonas fluorescens species have been used with phenol as the only organic carbon source. The experimental runs have been carried out both in a batch and in a continuous stirred reactor.The batch results have been interpreted by zero order kinetics in phenol and first order kinetics in biomass. The kinetic‐constants have also been calculated. The activation energy has been determined only for the Nocardia species. Using this strain, the continuous reactor, working without biomass recycle, has confirmed the first order kinetics with respect to biomass
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)608-612
Number of pages5
JournalCanadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 1982

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