Kaira Looro. Architecture Competition. Sacred Architecture

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Field of Confluences | Space of ConvergencesFour religions share one space characterized by pure geometry where beyond being a place of worship theintegration and communion of different identities is facilitated.The designed space is the result of the composition of typological fragments from the four main religions: thespace associated to Christian and Orthodox religions is characterized by the presence of the apse and thepresbytery; the space of the Muslim religion is identified by the presence of the Mihrab while the space of theanimist religion is not identified by any specific architectonical or typological element, but foresee spaces where ispossible to place worship objects.Plastic fragments built on raw earth represent the identifying elements of each cult within an open space vision thatfavors the encounter between different cultures. The guiding elements are dialogues with an outer etherealsurrounding space, referring to the typological principles of the places of worship through the constructional andplant components: the regular pitch of the palmetto as the colonnades of the Christian naves, the same modularityof the veil support structure refers to the large not Christian worship classes.Appropriately filtered natural light through a non-rigid cover plays a central role in the quality of the contemplativespace and at the sects it emphasizes the relationship between full and empty.The dry construction system uses only wood components. The base in line with the countryside plan is made with1.70 x 1.70 mt footboards, while below a shaft collects the water produced by the condensation of moisture. Thisprocess takes place through the cover made of sheets, which besides shading the gathering space of the faithful,can convert moisture into drops of water during nighttime, according to a sustainable logic of natural reuse of theecosystem of the site. A dense palm plantation completes the spatiality within the square shape, emphasizing theintegration with the low density urban landscape.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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