The new human retroviruses HTLV III/LAV, implicated as the causative agent of AIDS, have been isolated from peripheral blood lymphocytes of 5 of 13 drugs abusers with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-related complex (ARC). In one patient the virus was also found in cell-free plasma. No HTLV III/LAV was detected in or isolated from 5 clinically healthy drug abusers. The lymphocytes were cultured with interleukin 2 and expressed either a transcriptase reverse activity or HTLV III/LAV antigens within 2-3 weeks of cultivation. The viruses were also transmitted into normal lymphocytes from cord blood of human newborns. At the present state of development, virological investigation, other than seroepidemiological survey, seems a suitable marker for human retroviruses tracing in epidemiological studies
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)73-80
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 1987

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  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

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