Introduzione ovvero ‘Ifigenia in Aulide’ tra cerchietti e parentesi

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The contribution is a brief introduction to the workshop “Ifigenia in Aulide di Euripide. Testo,Interpretazione, Drammaturgia, ieri e oggi”, held in Palermo on April 7, 2016, whose intent is here motivated.The meeting pivoted on the idea that a tragedy as IA, burdened with serious textual problems – as evidenced bythe latest editions by James Diggle (OCT) and David Kovacs (Loeb) –, may be a good basis for amethodological reassessment, within which textual criticism may interact with interpretative problems anddramaturgical performances, concerning either the time when theatrical representations were performed and theirnumerous rewritings. The paper also briefly summarizes the content of the rich and varied contributions of thesingle participants.
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Publication statusPublished - 2017

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