Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drive Powered by Fuel Cell for Automotive Applications

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Electric vehicles represent an optimal solutionfor the reduction of pollution in urban areas. In particular, theFuel Cell (FC) technology is a promising solution especially forits charging times and zero CO2 direct emissions. The paperaddresses the design and performance study of an InteriorPermanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (IPMSM) drivepowered by fuel cell for automotive applications. The IPMSMdrive is powered by the use of 5,5 kW FC unit and it iscomposed of two DC-DC power converters and one inverter. Indetail, a test bench has been carried out for the evaluation ofthe performances of each IPMSM drive conversion stage.Moreover, in order to simulate automotive working conditionsthe European Standard Urban Driving Cycle (UDC) test isused in order to evaluate the performances of the electric drive.The experimental results are discussed in order to highlight thebenefits and the adoption of possible solutions in order toimprove the overall performances of the electric drive.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2020 9th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Application (ICRERA)
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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