Interferenza tra il livello dell’oggetto e attributi di base in stimuli visivi: studio su pazienti con lesione cerebrale.

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[automatically translated] Introduction. In visual search tasks, top-down processes involved in recognizing the shape of the object can interfere in the bottom-up processing of basic attributes that make up the object. Performance in these tasks can be made easier after selective inhibition of the right parietal cortex via r-TMS. In this study we investigated the role of brain injuries in visual search tasks to individual characteristics characterized by interference between the object and the level of the elementary attributes. Patients with focal lesions of the parietal lobe may paradoxically not be affected by interference exercised by the recognition of the object's shape. Method. Participated in the study, four patients (3 males and 1 female) right-handers with right parietal lesions (mean age: 48 ± 7 years; average education: 10 ± 2 years) divided into 2 groups according to the results of neuropsychological assessment: a group with signs of neglect (N + = 2) and a group with no signs of neglect (N = 2). two visual search tasks were administered: a task (A) characterized by the presence of interference between the object and the level of the elementary attributes and the other (B) devoid of such interference. the reaction time and the accuracy of the responses were analyzed by ANOVA with two factors group (N + vs. N-) and Task (A vs. B). Results. The N- patients had reaction times significantly different between task A and B (p <0.0001) with an advantage in favor of the latter. The N- patients do not have reaction times significantly different between the two tasks (p = 0. 23) suggesting that therefore not affected by the interference that characterizes the task A. Conclusions. These data suggest that distinct networks play a role in visual search tasks and that the presence of neglect may result in a paradoxical facilitation of performance in these tasks.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationAtti del XVII Congresso nazionale AIP, Sezione di Psicologia Sperimentale.
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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