Ingegneria energetica ed economia etica

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[automatically translated] As part of the economic paradigm "semiotic-hermeneutic and bio-technology," which states a theory of cross-value-based "creative combination of energy and information", the "economic" evaluations can only have multi-criteria nature and incorporate budgets of thermodynamic nature. The energy-entropy balance sheets must accompany the purely economic budgets, to complete and to make explicit quality values separated by quantitative-monetary values. The evaluation / cognitive model that is presented in this paper is situated along these theoretical and methodological perspective. The model is based on energy-entropy and economic assessments of the intervention scale energy upgrading of the single housing unit or building; These assessments are then extended to the urban scale. This model can be framed within the activities cognitive demands to local governments by the Decree. 311/2006, art. 4, for the "energy improvement for the" establishment of an information system related to the energy use of the building "that supports the activities of planning and urban design and can also direct public promotion of suitable 'financing instruments facilitated" the housing stock. "
Original languageItalian
Number of pages15
Volumen. 9
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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