Infrastrutture, campagna e tessuti urbani a Partinico. Tra la SS113 e viale dei Platani

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The new district connects, along the north-south direction, Partinico with the train station and, in the east-west direction, it opens on an agricultural urban park between viale dei Platani and the SS 113 road. The park and the quarter are a unified composition, characterized by the continuity of agricultural soils. The residential buildings are crossed on the ground floor by fields of gerberas and chrysanthemums and ditches that are part of the network of the pedestrian and cycle park, whose spatiality is articulated through the different texture of the cultivated species, from flowers to vegetables, from vineyards to orchards, by citrus groves and olive groves. From the agricultural urban park the paths and the irrigation channels cross the most extensive cultivated areas in the north and in the south of the railway line, linking them with the town and with the services inside: markets, schools, a railway station, restaurants and wine bars, a wine museum and a centre of wine culture. The design of the agricultural park extends beyond this infrastructure that surrounds the project area, foreshadowing a continuity of the ground with the countrysides located between viale dei Platani and Montelepre in the east, and between the SS 113 road and the river Jato in the west.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCostruire la seconda natura. La città in estensione in Sicilia fra Isola delle Femmine e Partinico
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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